2-digit Electronic Die

This product is an electronic die capable of generating 2-digit random numbers. You can also use this die as two simultaneous 1-digit dice. By tapping on the head of the die when it is on a flat surface (that causes the button on the back of the die to be pressed), it wakes up and shows a random number.
The heart of this die is an ATmega8A microprocessor, that generates time-based random numbers. The die is powered by a 3V coin cell and goes to sleep if was inactivity for a while. In sleep mode, the die draws only about 0.2 microamperes. The circuit has a protection diode that protects the microprocessor against inserting the battery in reverse polarity. The body is made of plexiglass and cut by laser CNC machine.
You can cycle through 3 configuration items by pressing the "Set" button with a needle and change configuration value by pressing the "Draw" button. The first item is "Sleep Timeout" that is displayed as a number after letter "F". The sleep timeout can be 1 to 9 that each unit equals to approximately 20 seconds. For example, when F3 is displayed, the sleep timeout is about 60 seconds. The second item is "Random Number Range" which is a 2-digit number and determines random numbers upper range. The 3rd item is "Mode" that indicates 2-digit or 1-digit number generation and displayed as "d1" or "d2". In "d2" mode a random number from 1 to upper range value will be generated and displayed. In "d1" mode two random numbers from 1 to upper range value will be generated and displayed together. This mode is useful for playing backgammon. In "d1" mode each digit of the upper range represents the upper range of one of random numbers. For example, when the upper range is set to 46 and "d2" mode is selected, a random number from 1 to 46 will be displayed like 2 and 38 and 40; when "d1" mode is selected, a random number from 1 to 4 and another random number from 1 to 6 will be displayed together like 12 and 46 and 33 and not 2 or 38 or 40.

2-digit Electronic Die2-digit Electronic Die2-digit Electronic Die2-digit Electronic Die

Product Information
Processor: ATmega8A
Power Supply: 3V coin cell (CR2025)
Body: Plexiglass
Trigger: Push button
Dimensions: 37mm x 37mm x 25mm
Weight: 26 grams with battery

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The program is made by Atmel Studio 6.2 (C++), the PCB is designed by KiCad 5.1.2, and body drawings are DXF files. If you want to buy this product design files, click the below link to add them to your shopping cart. After making the payment the files will be sent to your email address in 2 days.
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