Electronic Dice PGH Calendar Shalking Clock RAK Beehive

2-digit Electronic Die

2-digit Electronic Die

Electronic die capable of displaying a 2-digit random number or two 1-digit random numbers simultaneously

تاس الکترونیکی با قابلیت نمایش یک عدد تصادفی دو رقمی یا دو عدد تصادفی یک رقمی به‌صورت همزمان
Serial Port Terminal

Serial Port Terminal

This portable tool is very small and useful, and have almost everything needed to work with a serial port.
Electronic Dice

Electronic Dice

Dice kit with microprocessor and LEDs
Make your own electronic dice.

کیت تاس با ریزپردازنده و دیودهای نورانی
برای خودتان تاس الکترونیکی بسازید.

Cheap Logic Analyzer

Cheap Logic Analyzer

Convert your computer to a very cheap logic analyzer using the serial port.



A tool for programming AVR microcontrollers using STK500 protocol. This tools uses serial port and the hardware is very simple.
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